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  • HALO
    A new experience in the club scene

    Wireless Interactive Headphone
    - Individual Project
    - 2013
  • HALO is a wireless interactive headphone with portable DAP(Digital Audio Player) as a set aimed for club DJs and trendy people who wear headphone as part of their fashion. The direct, cordless attachment of receiver and DAP prevents any circumstances of electronic interference or frequency problems, thus providing a lossless sound quality. The dual circular display can show off its fantastic visual effects in the dark, which can be seen like a halo encircling the user’s head.

    Headphones have become as much about style as they are sound quality. Now there are countless number of headphones with different design matching various tastes. Traditionally, design meant by the physical form of the product. But now, display based products such as smart phones show their design by the GUI and graphic interactions on the display.  If it’s about style, how about applying an interactive display to the headphone? If so, what can be done with the display?
    A club DJ should not only be good at mixing the music but also be well dressed, look good, and use proper props to excite the audience. This actually is beneficial for the crowd control. I focused on the fact that most of the DJs wear their monitoring headphones while mixing the music. Since a headphone is always worn by DJ and is easily seen from the stage, wouldn’t it be exciting for the crowd if the DJ is wearing a flashy interactive headphone?
  • Halo has dual circular displays on both sides which can provide various light show effects reflecting the characteristics of the music being played(i.e. when a high bpm track is played, the effect turns dynamic, whereas for down tempo, it becomes bold and smooth). These kind of effects will boost a club DJ’s performance at the club. Good music with flashy props is the best way to excite the crowd.
    One of the displays, which is on the right, is actually a digital audio player with touch screen that  can be detached from the headphone. You can express your emotion, musical flavor, or style by setting the mood from various choices of colors, patterns, and pictures with the digital audio player. You can also share your status with the people around you by typing in your own message on screen.
    The digital audio player for ‘Halo’ is similar to conventional touch screen mp3 players. It supports WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, APE, MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG files. It has a headphone-out that can be used with other receivers as well. Supports micro USB type-B for charging, and Wi-Fi Direct connectivity. The D.A.P. is attached to the headphone by magnetic and connected to the headphone with inductive technology. This will avoid any electronic interference or frequency problems that are stated as common drawbacks of wireless headphones that lead to the loss of sound quality.
  • Demonstrating how the D.A.P. is attached by magnetic.
  • Was shown on 2013 SADI Product Design Graduation Exhibition. I had not brought my DSLR so wasn't able to take a decent high resolution shots. I'm planning to take a studio shot pretty soon.