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  • HYPR | Discover the Hype
    Product review and natural hypin' site
  • HYPR (Hyper) is a service that tests, reviews,and rates upcoming and beta products.It creates hype by way of HYPR and customer reviews. HYPR suggests stores and places to purchase items to take advantage of special discounts offered by sponsors.
    The HYPR Website has several pages to browse and view the latest products.The HYPR iPhone app provide a home page of several items from each catagory on one page.
  • The HYPR website’s search feature is accessible on every page the user visits, being apart of the global navigation.
    Each product had a numeric Rating which is based onthe average rating given by reviewers. These ratings help to naturally hype up products that are great.
  • Launching the HYPR iPhone app will prompt you with a login page. You can either sign up if you’re not currently a member, or log in if you are.After logging in, you arrive at the homepage which offers a curated page of products to view.
  • Products can be search for by keywords,phrases, catagories, or specific product titles.
  • On the product page, Discounts can be accessed with the name of the retailer/sponsor.
    Each user has a profile page which they can access via either the app, or the website.Other users can find reviews by the user, view photos uploaded, wishlist items, as well as message them via the HYPR. Users can also follow other users to recieve notifictions ofnew reviews by the user.