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Greenhouse Talk

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  •  Green House Talk
    Greenhouse Talk is an event organized by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in collaboration with MAXXI Museum - Museum of XXI Century Arts and the Dutch Architecture Institute NAI, which will be held August 28, 2012 in Venice, in the days of pre -view of the Biennale of Architecture.
  • Greenhouse talk, Venice 2012
    The course of history and the dynamics of geopolitics in this early XXI Centurymake us consider architecture less a self-centered discipline than a mix of art ,communication strategies and technics whose role is increasingly dependentfrom the conditions of different geographic, economic and climatic scenarios.Moving from this assumption we think that whatever discussion on the futurerole of architecture has to be first framed in the dialogue between westernarchitects and designers coming from far and ‘raising’ countries and thenarticulated ina series of inevitable topics we will all be facing everywhere inthe next years. Basically, just to confirm the consistency of this panel withinthe frame of the general topic of the Biennale, a new common ground forarchitecture. Among those topics it is easy to list: mass demand for housing,sandwitched between the increasing population of large and mega cities andthe deep and global weakening of welfare systems; accessibility, as a basiccharacter of the democracy of space, questioned by the unprecedented sizecities and communities are assuming today and by the inner limits of materialand immaterial public networks and infrastructures; public space, intendedas an obvious victim of the phenomena mentioned above and as the possiblecommon task for socially sensible designers; inurbation and growth, as theanacronistic but still resistent protagonist of the transformation of cities andspace, contradictory engine of the global economy. The discussion betweenactors and witnesses operating in Europe, India and China, is expected to pushtowards the identification of a new centre for architectural theory and to allow awide base for global dialogue and cultural confrontation.
    Pippo Ciorra