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Green Truffles From Brussels (Rebranding Sprouts).

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  • The Brief

    Sprout Clout
    Brussels sprouts - possibly the world’s most hated vegetable? It’s
    your brief to make them the coolest veg on the planet, so your client
    can sell sack loads of them all year round (not just at Christma
  • Advertising phase 1
    Share The Magic (spoof).
  • Frederick the Great of Prussia saw the potato’s potential to help feed his nation and lower the price of bread. But he faced the challenge of overcoming the people’s prejudice against the plant. In 1774 he ordered his subjects to grow potatoes as protection against famine, the town of Kolberg replied: “The things have neither smell nor taste, not even the dogs will eat them, so what use are they to us?” Even with the order he could not get his people to eat them, there are even records of people being executed for refusing to grow them. Frederick then tried, the marketing approach (probably one of the first accounts of marketing in history), to encourage his subjects to begin planting potatoes. Frederick rebranded the potato the Royal Potato: he planted a royal field of potatoes and stationed guards to protect this field from thieves, with secret instructions to not guard the field very well. Nearby peasants naturally assumed that anything worth guarding was worth stealing, and so snuck into the field and snatched the plants for their home gardens; starting a massive underground potato growing operation in Germany, and of course, this was entirely in line with Frederick’s wishes.

    This is in effect with what I have done with the sprout. Sprouts were a tarnished as they were, so I rebranded them ‘Green Truffles From Brussels’ linking them to the evermore popular Belgium Chocolate Truffles. At the end of the day people will still love or hate them but I repositioned them as a brand that does not take itself too seriously so that people will still at least consider them. After all people should eat them for there proven health benifits.

    I sourced around 300–400 of the best sprouts in the Gloucestershire area, and looked like a nutter measuring them against a Ferrero Rocher. Many sprouts later and after many strange looks I began to feel like a nutter, but nevertheless I enjoyed bringing this project to life.
  • Organic Hand drawn type upright and tall just how sprouts grow out the ground. The Gold on the label is letter pressed and other details are also embossed.

    Design and art direction Matt Prosser, photography Dan Turner.
  • Advertising phase 2
    Muscles From Brussles (spoof).

    Van Dam, is know as the Muscles from Brussels. This ad campaign is a light hearted approach to get ‘Green Truffles’ in to the minds of the consumers. It would also work as a TV ad; featuring Van Dam kicking the crap out of other vegetables. Imagine that.

  • Advertising phase 3
    Green Truffles Green Santa, Card spoof.
    To be mailed out in December 2012. The card has taken the Coca-Cola Santa, and put him back to his original colours.
  • Some of my development.
  • Letterpress plates.
  • Thank You For Your Time.