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Graphic Design - 1st yr.

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  • Graphic Design 1st yr.
    Work from my first year of Graphic Design 
  • Lilydale turkey Rendering
  • First year was mostly all marker renderings  Above:  A Lilydale rendering; I was given an ad to copy using markersBelow: Reference sheet with Black & White/ Colour thumbnails 
  • Fashion Marker Rendering
  • Above: Final PieceBelow: Left/Reference Right/Roughs&Thumbnails After practicing marking up the hand-out, I was to findmy own reference and use it to create my final piece
  •  Car Marker RenderingFind reference of a car and complete a mark rendering of it. 
  • Practice Renderings A page of practice renderings to final pieces  
  • Road Sign AlternativesFrom a list of categories I was to select 3 objects & create traditional road signs
  •         Negative & Positive Designs                                             Realism & Abstraction
  • Pastels I was given three still life photos to recreate with pastels 
  •  Layouts  While using markers, I was to take reference (to the left, and on top) and render both my own layout and the reference given 
  • TypographyThe first thing I did in typography   
  • Above: I was to pick a word, of my choosing and replace one letter with a image that ties into the the words meaning
  •  Above:Using reference create a piece using letters, some lines were accepted. Below:Roughs of the above project.
  •  To design a piece that displays the meaning behind a given list of words
  • Digital Work
    Below: Is a poster created for Art History, the objective was to design a poster in the styling of one of the art eras. Left: the original posterRight: redesign after 2nd year. 
  • Above: A label design created for my Illustrator class
  • Of course there's a lot more, so I'll add them as I come across them. I hope enjoyed my work and dont forget to comment and appreciate!  :)