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  • Young Gorgox and the rest of his clan live down the path past the endof the garden and into the woods, just past the Feezle encampment.

    Here in Strangeland the weather has been unseasonably warm causing theheaps of snow to quickly transform into trickling streams cuttingdeeply through the thick ice. The poor creatures who hibernate inlittle mounded piles under the woodland earth have been woken rudely bysoggy cold pillows and sloshy bed socks as the icy waters rise in theirtiny dens.

    Gorgox was no exception and wandered up up to the house this morningseeking refuge and warm socks. Naturally, I let him in but as I peekedout the window I saw he was being followed by a menagerie of othermound dwelling denizens, some quite cranky and disgruntled. As I fear Iwill have a house full of soggy cold woodlanders soon, perhaps youmight make room for a wet waif.

    Four inches tall plus another couple inches of hair from a fastidiouslyclean and pampered Pomeranian and 4.5 inches from teefies to curly tailtip. Made of wool through and through by the needle felting methodwhich requires a specially barbed and sharp needle, nerves of steel anda big hank of fluffy combed wool. A bajillion pokes later, as if bymagic the creatures form takes shape.