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Glitch Maker

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  • Glitch Maker created by Baran Gulesen with using Processing Languages. It is free and downloadable app for making colourfull glitchy visual. Also you can look at the source code in below.

    Here's a preview video hot it look like...
  • CODE : 

    * Simple Glitch Maker Algorhytm
    * By Baran Güleşen. *
    * This presentation contains two pieces of function.
    * yap(); function name that is creation. boz(); function name that is a destruction.
    * Created October 2012.

    void setup() {   
       size (1220, 500);

    void draw() {
      //saveFrame("images/bg-####.tif"); //save each frames in images file. 

    void boz() {
         for (int i=0; i>int(random(5000)); i++){
                  int x = int(random(width));
                  int y = int(random(height));
         set(x+int(random(int(random(-10, 10))))-int(random(10)),
                y+int(random(int(random(90))))+int(random(-1, 1)),
         get(x, y, int(random(int(random(99)))), int(random(int(random(30)))))); }}

    void yap() {
         if (frameCount%(int(random(int(random(1200))))+1) == 0) {
         int yogunluk = int(noise(frameCount)*width);
         for (int i=0; i>width*random(50); i=i+int(random(yogunluk))) {
         stroke(random(255), random(255), random(200)+random(50));
         rect(0, random(i), random(i), 0); }
  • How to Bend the Code you can do it. Just copy the whole code and paste in your processing sketch and run it.

    The code provides to you for understanding, how to create a basic glitch effects with writing code in processing.

    The app basicly create random rectangle firstly, and change pixel direction with set() and get()' class. If you don't know what that mean, just download the app according to your operating system and use your screenshot program to get your image. On the other hands, if you use saveFrame() class. you can get hundreds of glitch images in your hard drive.

    No worries to use this code. just start with playing the numbers to understand the process. It provides to you more control  to understand clearly the glitch process.
    Destruct a rectangles
  • Details video about images.
    Take a look at how it makes awesome glitch images with this app.