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  • Gabriel is a new company with efficient services and customer care that really does care. The mark emerged from combining the rays formed from a golden halo typical of medieval paintings to an abstract geometric flower. Paintings from that era were also heavily decorated with geometric patterns and rich colours. The featured flower was derived from Archangel Gabriel’s symbol: the lily. Lilies were also commonly depicted in Arabic patterns from the medieval ages.

    The six-petal flower is also radiating as though it was a strong ray of light. The effect is typical of a solar eclipse that is also reminiscent of space. The name, “Gabriel” emerges in a contemporary sans-serif typeface, Gotham Rounded. Gabriel borrows from the ethereal feel of the stars. The Milky Way is the signature background for the brand. The stars represent men’s final frontier and infinity. The stars also represent the heavens and divine interventions.

    The featured moiré effect is the staple of the brand. The moiré effect gives the logo a touch of playfulness. Limitless possibilities and patterns could be done using the effect. The effect is gives the logo a sense of movement. The pattern also visualizes the magnetic rings of planet Earth, a symbol of global communication.

    Archangel Gabriel happens to be the one who delivered the Holy message. The slogan “greetings!” recalls angel Gabriel’s greeting message to Virgin Mary. This slogan is modestly positive and professional. The italic typeface used for the slogan gives the word speed and movement.

    The nocturnal colours of the starry night sky give the viewer a sense of calmness. Black, the most prominent abundant colour, represents elegance and formality, something which many telecommunication companies disregard. During the day, the nocturnal colours are perfect with a light backdrop, while during the night, the reversed out logo is distinguishable amongst other logos.