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  • Future Nintendo DS Concept
    Nintendo broke many barriers with their latest consoles. It always makes us think “what’s next?”.
    I created this model last year and completely forgot about it. Now that there is a hype over the upcoming 3DS I searched my files and decided to post my design. Let’s see if they can work hard enough to make a console with all these features!
  • The screen
    This is where it all starts. This portable has a single flexible touch screen. It’s bright enough and it shows graphics in 3D, not to mention the mega resolution (what is going to be the resolution for small screens in 1 or 2 years?). And I mean 3D graphics that pop out of the screen, not “special 3D effects you can almost see without glasses”.
    You can use the console in any angle or lay it flat. This changes a lot in terms of playability. The console can be used as a board game and played over a surface. You can use both hands to play. It’s also great for multiplayer games (of course there can’t be too many people touching it at the same time).
  • The sensors
    My design is packed with everything: motion sensors, cameras, GPS, light sensors… It has 2 cameras in the front and 1 in the back. The front cameras track the hands and faces of players creating a complete interaction with the games. You can play and grab objects without touching the screen. The 3D capabilities of the screen and these sensors are the heart of the system.
    All the cameras recognize any gestures, faces and movements. It’s a complete suite for augmented reality games.
  • The system
    I don’t want to list all specifications of this console (it’s a fictional concept after all). Let’s just say it’s got a killer screen, amazing graphics and a fast processor. The system allows multiple applications and games running at the same time and you can buy everything online. But hold the press: this is not a pad or netbook! If you want a solid OS, document readers, internet suites, e-mail, music, video and porn get a laptop and a room. This is a videogame console.

  • The design
    Simple and comfortable. I like mechanical buttons, so I kept the arrow and round buttons. It also has dedicated volume buttons on the side and it still packs a stylus �" mostly for drawing apps. The stylus pops out of the body when pressed. It has an SD card slot for games and files. It could be a Micro SD card slot.