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Future Identity: Comprehension

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  •  My future I want to be a compilation of my past and my present. I want all the experiences I have had and that I am apart of right now to influence who I become and to learn from all that I can to achieve what I aim for.
          We had to choose four adjectives; two to represent who we are now and two to represent who or where we want to be. I choose perseverant and curious for the present as I wish to be forever exploring and eager to learn what is there both in the world of design and in world in general but perseverant in that I won't stop trying to discover this and that I am eager to try many things or way to reach that desire.
          My second two words were perceptive and determined as I want this to be a continuation of where I am but with a better sense of stability and a greater resounding knowledge. To me this should be what I have acheived in my direction and shows that I will always be influenced by my surroundings but continue to push forward ahead of others.
  • Above: The poster represents the joining of my past and of my present to help create and inspire the future. Each segment is coming together to create the letter "P" (the first initial of both my first and last name). The lower segment symoblises me looking back into my old home and has a solid but not complete opacity to it since it has been completed but is not the main focus for me today. It is also the smallest since I felt the present and future are of more importance.
    The middle section shows me working at my desk today and looking out of the window, towards the future whilst the last shape is the lightest given its uncertainity but longing to reach there. Its size shows the scale and importance of the future but that is masked by less detail and clarification to the photograph of the buisness meeting room, looking in through the window at what could possible happen.