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Freshmeat Skateboards - Good Sin

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  • Freshmeat Skateboards
    A skateboard label based in Singapore
  • We realized that this is not a proper ground that we rambled each day, bringing the same old thoughts & habit. It could be a futile attempt to hold a bill with us, perhaps we don't even need it in anyways. All we need is a good & fresh searching to have us packed with proper covered tops, and then we're off again!
  • It was a good sunny day, this picture was taken during my recent trip to Bali, Indonesia. Took a few snap of the Kuta beach surrounding using my Lumix G10 before heading off to surf.haha! I went back and started browsing thru all the photos and it came to my mind that this one would be good to use for the upcoming tshirt design for Freshmeat.
  • This could be a good description of we all skateboarder and to the haters. We wish we could remain as young forever and to never stop skateboarding, a mindset of daily skaters that really do it hard. It is not just a piece of wood, it is something that brings us all together and we even came as one to build our own place to skate with anything that can be reuse to build a mini box, ramp etc. But for haters who could only afford to work hard or borrowed their parents money just to buy themself a new set of skateboards and then to chill out, not even skating with their brand new skateboard or just to pose with it. Whats good in his mind is to talk shit about others & that goes on till he grows older. Just sit on it, enjoying worst then a bitch.
  • This piece of work was printed on 100% cotton tshirt with customized cuts. Limited to 24pcs only. Well if you think that those kids(Freshmeat) are doing well in business, then you might be just another retarded person.