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  • Follow your Senses is a retail design proposal that aims to create an enhanced sensory experience to help customers, including the visually impaired people, to shop freely and independently. This project is split in 2 parts; Part 1 focuses on the haptic and informative experience of the shopper, as well as creating a new shopping environment for sighted customers, who are encouraged to use their touch rather than their eyesight to shop. Part 2 focuses on the sport's lifestyle, and also includes inclusive design, to let every customer shop freely, whatever disability they have.
  • [if gte mso 9]><xml> </xml><![endif][if gte mso 9]><xml> </xml><![endif][if gte mso 10]><![endif]Follow Your Senses Part 1 is a series of products to beinstalled in a retail space enabling people with visual impairment to shoparound freely and independently. This space includes a series of hapticproducts which informs the customer of their surroundings, ranging in texture.The pathway is designed in a way so that it guides the customer, especially ifthey use a white stick for guidance, protruding shapes and colours which allowthe visually impaired people to feel the tactile information. The clothes are separatedaccording to the colours, with the main colour shown as a shape (Slade Shapes)with various Slade shapes informing the customer of the colours that could beworn with the main colour. This would be embossed on the label allowing thecustomer to choose the right clothes and the colour that suits them. Thelighting aims to mark out the interior space and other items, such as a table,or a pillar.
  • Follow Your Sense Part 2 is a retail design using InclusiveDesign, and focus on the sport experience, which is enhanced by usinginteractive design, sound, touch and leaving sport's related messages. Theretail space informs the shopper of the layout of the space at the entrance,and guides the customer around using slightly protruding pathway.
  • The Sound Domes enhance the sports lifestyle experience. This lets the customer know, which area of the shop they are, e.g in the Golf, Sailing, or Athletics Area.