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Finding Balance: Urban Intervention Design Competition

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  • We live on a shared planet. Every public space, every neighborhood,every city, and every region is inextricably linked. As the world continues tourbanize, our impacts will no longer be absorbed quietly by the extremities. Wemust embrace the repercussions of connection. We must rebalance.

    This designintervention envisions Seattle Center in 2062 as a hyper-productive,hyper-participatory, hyper-flexible, and hyper-aware environment—host to a newglobal entity: the Global Balance Lab (GBL), where public space becomesthe proving ground for collaborative projects that rapidly advance andimplement improvements in socio-economic equity and ecological resilienceacross scales and across boundaries from Wallingford to Brasilia.

    The GBL bringsglobal citizens, governments, and interdisciplinary experts together to liveand work on a singular, yet elastic, campus that embodies the opportunitiesinherent in a shared future. Waste from festival events generates energy, stormrunoff is the potable water source, farming and habitat areas coexist tomaximize synergies, and a highly proximate diversity of uses, users, andmobility modes maximizes opportunity and interaction. To encourageparticipation, all public spaces are free, open, and offer self-directedactivities.

    The SEA-Saw is theheart of the GBL—the “Center-of-the-Center”—balance manifest as publicspace. Following the “law of the lever,” the SEA-Saw completely reuses theenergy of human activity. The undulating plane invites and inspires people toshape their environment into flat fields for sports and festivals or into hillsand valleys for sledding, views of the environment, or wading in the cisternbelow.
  • TeamZOOM: Amanda Reed, DavidCutler, Jaclynn Treat, Carissa Franks, David Marshall, Kiwon Suh, Mark Nichols,  Courtney Hathaway, Lisa Lazar,Sarah Marshall.

    The team would like to thank GGLO Inc., especially Zack Thomas and Alicia Daniels Uhlig, and Kadie Bell of King County Health.