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  • Facilitations
    All images copyright by the relevant artist
  • Many artists wish to explore new media outside of their traditional discipline. They have a strong idea of what they want to achieve but lack the understanding of their new media to make it happen. On projects such as these I often facilitate the artist as a camera operator and technical consultant. This works in much the same way as a film director and camera operator relationship. The director has worked with the script, story-boarded it and knows the look of the film they want to achieve. They then direct the camera operator accordingly listening to technical suggestions. There is one important difference however, the camera operator may offer creative input. In contrast as an artist's facilitator I am very reticent about offering creative input if the artist is to retain ownership of the work. Otherwise it becomes a collaboration which is an entirely different type of project.
  • Copyright Cecily Brennan

    Commissioned by Breaking Ground, the Ballymun Regeneration Ltd per cent for art programme.
    The project focusing on people living in Ballymun, a small village on the outskirts of Dublin city.
    Five people with different lives and experiences tell their stories.

    Their interesting and fascinating life stories cover a wide range of issues, including alcoholism, sexual and physical abuse, homelessness and self-harm, but perhaps most importantly, the interviews demonstrated each individuals capacity to love and to survive hardship. Each interview could be listened to in private on Audiophones which were available in the exhibition space.

    A photograph of the person interviewed or an image suggested by what they said in their interview was specially made for the project by Cecily Brennan.

    With special thanks to all of the interviewees for being so generous with their time and sharing of their experiences and to Pat Rosney at Irish Diving Contractors, Hugh Mc Elveen at Ray Yeates at Axis Ballymun, Louise Neiland, Geoffrey Perrin. Copyright Cecily Brennan


    Feed Me copyright Orla de Brí

    "The photographic installations are devised with an eye to Dutch still life painting, displaying a carefully controlled palette, a relish for close visual detail and lustrous, richly textured surfaces (it helps that they are printed with archival quality pigments rather than inks per se).  Of course fruit and vegetables take centre stage.   The human subjects who are evoked symbolically in the paintings are also thrust into the limelight, in the form of delicately modeled, small-scale bronzes."

    "In ‘Feed Me’, ‘Read Me’ and ‘Berry Bed’ the figures gain sustenance from the riches around them, drawing strength, pleasure and learning from the worlds of natural, emotional and intellectual experience."

    From the catalogue introduction by Aiden Dunne.
  • Lemon Heads Copyright Orla de Brí

    "The male figures in ‘Thinking Lemon Heads’ may seem to be lost in thought but each is alas literally lost in thought, that is locked separately within his own mental world.   We should look to the image of lemons in Dutch still life: a deceptively sweet appearance conceals the bitter taste within."  

    From the catalogue introduction by Aiden Dunne


    Commissioned by Fire Station Artists Studios and Dublin Docklands Development Authority. Supported by Dublin City Council and Dublin Port Company.

    12 Angry Films was a temporary Drive In cinema that showed films examining class, migration and social justice in Dublin’s Docklands over two nights in Nov 2006.

    Located in the dramatic disused industrial setting of Pigeon House, a place formally used for manufacturing was transformed into a temporary Drive-in cinema. The objective of this art project, conceived by visual artist Jesse Jones, was to create a collective social space where films both by and about workers and activists could be shown, generating debate and reflection on globalisation and the changing nature of industrial labour.

    My role for this projects was very different it was less of a facilitation and the images were the document of the performance to illustrate the project for a subsequent publication.

  • Project copyright Hugh McElveen Photography under exclusive license to Noemi Lakmaier.


    This living installation invites the public to take on the role of voyeur, and observe an elaborately staged dinner party. Eight preselected volunteer diners participate in this public gesture which combines both elements of the uncanny and absurd.  A normally private dinner party becomes the object of the public gaze. We are for you because we are against them was curated by Liz Burns.

    The above image was made into a limited edition archival pigment print.
  • LIFE AREA  Copyright Dominic Thorpe

    Dominic Thorpe Buried Clay Sugar (Collection Wicklow County Council) 

    From a body of work developed by Dominic Thorpe during a residency for the Wicklow County Council during which he spent a year engaging with farm families in South County Wicklow.