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  • More than a brand or a company, Future Republik actually represents founder/ creator Craig Hamiltonʼs personal belief that someday, in the future, that society will be headed by creatives, by those who create and think differently. In its inception, Future Republik, or FR! As itʼs known by short, was aimed towards creative writers, visual and audio artists alike, and thinker to unite and network to become a collective spirit of creativity and robust ingenuity. Coupled with brilliant graphic art and design, FR! Aspires to speak to the asymmetrically minded and creative entrepreneurs seeking for an alternative resource to visually striking design and artwork that aims to the appeal of urban-esque subjects.
  • Future Republik in no shape or form aims to represent, glorify, or promote violence or war, however, to play upon the concept of war, is that Future Republik is somewhat a flag, a declaration to society that a very much alive self awareness still exists in the spirit of the average person in everyday society. The war, in retrospect, can be understood as an upheaval in commonly accepted ideals and institutions in society worldwide. Themes like corporate controlling the public and culture miseducation, Future Republikʼs catalogs display the afterthought as a mocking propaganda campaign and guerilla marketing. In this gesture, knowledge and self-awareness can be justified as viral, infectious as miseducation, somewhat like mass brainwashing techniques in order to influence social self-awareness.
  • Future Republik is a somewhat more than a company, if at all defined as a business, but rather an ideal philosophy that lends its name as a identity or title to those who want to think for themselves and seek to find face to abstract concepts. Future Republik seeks creatives, freethinkers, in a vast network or, aptly, a living community of the underlying creativity in everyone and encourages expansion and accessibility to the general public to radical and thought provoking ideas and concepts otherwise unknown, unspoken, and unidentified.
    Online, FR! Currently displays an online gallery of logo prints and designs exhibiting freelancing artists who share in the ideals of Future Republik. FR! Is open to any and all artists who wish to represent themselves as Future Republik, however in no means employed by FR! In this declaration. As a collective, the logo stands for more than the company, but an insignia to symbolize that this artwork is “certified” as thought provoking.

    Offline, in collaboration with a vast network of street teams and art groups, FR! Works silently and anonymously in the form of guerilla marketing, similar to the concept of graffiti. Posters, large paste-ups, and stickers placed on objects all over, FR! Aims to outreach common advertising and marketing techniques to evolve into strictly participant self-empowerment from the FR! Ideal.
    Future Republik is a prospect, an ideal, NOT a company.

    FUTURE REPUBLIK! Is not a company as it is truly a prospect, the belief in the talents of the societyʼs creative leaders and thinkers. Its a prospect based on the advancement of design, culture, and art primarily through the promotion, understanding, and self awareness of the human psyche and conscious. FR! Stands as a statement to society at large the importance and provides identity to the subliminal, the underpinning unrest that boils within the rebel, and the freethinking counter-cultists. By means of graphic design, titled “lightwerk propaganda”, FR! Aims to provoke thought and incite action with the use of color, juxtaposition, and subject matter that aims to be gritty, visceral, violent. The goal of “lightwerks proganda” is no means promoting violence, but aggressive mental rebellion and takes as a means to take impetus to change.

    A new anti-political party

    Future Republik has a integral meaning in its title, clearly stating this organization is of and gaining some unseen momentum as a imminent omnipotent superpower, unseen and silent.
    The prospect ideal that freethinkers will one day head society into a future of true freedom of thought and liberation of social control defines Future Republik as a title given to the new society of people governed not by institution and fanatical concepts that promote capitulation and subservience to abstract concepts to explain each individualʼs ability to interpret their individual reality.
    This ideal, this prospect of a future society governed by personal existentialist understanding manifests itself further more than what a company could ever aspire to produce, market, or manufacture. The true creativity lies in interpretation and inspiration, not in construction.

    FUTURE REPUBLIK society contribution services

    Project Identity and design

    Future Republik networks graphic designers, independent film makers, and illustrators to be offered as creative resourcing to consulting agents, individual emerging entrepreneurs, and independent small companies seeking fresh, thought-provoking thinkers and artists. Our clients provide an initial concept or vision to a destination, providing detailed areas requiring creative development and council. Future Republik provides reality to the clientʼs abstract, creating focus to the vision, provided that the initial concept allows itself to the individual artistʼs or involved artistsʼ style and technique. Ranging from obliquely clinical to the blatant aggressive, FR! Offers a wide range of graphic styles and creative interpretation venues for those seeking visual identity to a project or concept.

    Creative development and direction

    Supported by a community of artists, ever expanding, FR! Is continually expanding a knowledge base of new and fresh ideas, primarily from art and design students and professionals alike.
    Event concepts/product launch concepts
    Future Republik blends culture with concept, a hybrid of cultural awareness to thought development and a particular consideration to the power of an individual idea. Future Republik puts graphic design to represent more that light, shapes, and colors, but ideals and symbolizes the essence of a theme or given subject matter.