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Eruptus (Signal Loss)

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    Eruptus, 2000, multi-screen MP4 video/sound collage, length: 1:03 (looped)
    Eruptus metaphorically deals with the concept of strength through vulnerability. While the audio first sounds complex, the cacophony potentially becomes coarsely textured minimalism with time. The contrasting visual, stripped to the fewest elements, hopefully does the opposite as one invests time and notices the color flares and patterns within the repetition. I believe that simplicity is not only a visual or an aesthetic value, but it has a moral perception that looks into the nature of truth and reveals the inner qualities of materials and objects for the essence. The waterfall-like television visual, having both organic and electronic qualities, is intended to be a representation of the commonality between our sometimes banal lives online and in the real world. A drop of water leaves barely a mark just as a single banality barely leaves an impression on our consciousness, but the flow of tons of water can move mountains and the masses preference for the cliché can reshape cultures. 
    Error, as analogically characterized in this work as Signal Loss, defines us and is what makes imperfect human beings preferable to the fictitious myth of perfection. I believe that accepting error as a strength and not a weakness gives each of us the ability to be vulnerable and create original concepts instead of staying in our comfort zones and putting out more of the safe and commonplace imagery that dominates our culture.
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