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Edith Stein Foundation

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  • Edith Stein FoundationLogo & Branding Design

    Logo and branding for a non-profit that promotes alternatives to contraception through research, education, and awareness. Their mission is "Promoting the dignity of women by fostering a non-contraceptive culture in the spirit of philosopher feminist Edith Stein". The brief called for a decidedly strong and feminine voice. The audience is primarily young and forward thinking. There is also a secondary audience of donors, clergy, and volunteers. The solutions needed to reflect the formality of an institution, while maintaining relevance to the audience as a personal call to action. It was also important to avoid alienating detractors with an overtly religious tone, but rather engage people in a conversation and participate in the discussions of feminism, ethics, health, and family planning. There was an emphasis on using social media, blogs, and an online presence to reach these audiences. Edith Stein was such an iconic figure upon which to build the brand, and her philosophy, writing, and image were all inspirations. 

  • The young Edith Stein
  • The client sent me this sketch as part of the brief.
  • A portrait of Edith Stein
  • Some hat illustrations
  • Ideas for colors and composition
  • Some custom lettering ideas
  • I was exploring a linear illustration style.
  • Waves, bell curve, hat idea
  • A variety of ideas.
  • Unused concept. This concept is based on the iconic cloche hat worn by Edith Stein. It takes the form of radiating waves representing the foundation's voice being heard and their message spreading cultural change, particularly through electronic media. The overall shape is inspired by a bell curve, since the foundation uses research and science to support its message. The color is inspired by their slogan of 'go organic' in reference to Natural Family Planning, a natural, non-contraceptive alternative to birth control.
  • Unused variation
  • Unused variation
  • Unused variation
  • Unused variation
  • The client loved all the options so much that we decided to incorporate this direction into the branding scheme.  The wallpaper pattern acts as a backdrop to brand collateral, and allows this hat icon to become a secondary brandmark. Using similar metaphors as the previous direction, this concept combines the Cloche hat worn by Edith Stein with the radiating waves of communication, and the overall shape of the bell curve.  The bell also relates to calling together people - at the beginning of a worship service and as a call to action. 
  • This variation is based on the hat/bell icon that became the wallpaper pattern.
  • Unused variation


    The illustration of Edith Stein was chosen as the final mark. The hat icon is a supporting mark used in the wallpaper pattern to reinforce the brand environment. The colors went through several revisions until we arrived at the ideal shade of magenta to capture the bold, culture changing movement, while maintaining the look of a respectable institution. The text was adjusted for letter spacing and balance, and the illustration was refined to look sharp at large and small sizes alike.  A horizontal variation was needed for the website header, and variations of the wallpaper pattern were created for different applications. The branding was applied to their website, twitter, and facebook pages, as well as letterhead and business cards.

  • Refining the vector artwork
  • Adjusting the text
  • Defining the final color palette
  • The final primary logo
  • The final logo, horizontal variation
  • Website mockup
  • Letterhead and business card design
  • The final printed business card.