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Earth Science Infotoons

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  • Earth Science Infotoons by
    Different ways of looking at some of the wonderful things that Earth holds for us

    Infotoons are informational cartoons. The simple line work and vivid color of a cartoon provides a visually digestible means for explaining what might otherwise be a difficult subject. In other words, the easiest way is often the best way. Click here for more details, and thanks for looking.
  • Think of a long, strong stick (a lever). The stick is propped up on a small object (the fulcrum). Now imagine that you are holding one end of the stick and a heavy rock (the load) is on the other end. By pulling down (effort) on the stick, you will be able to lift the rock. In levers, the effort is applied at a different point from the load. And, the position of the fulcrum makes all the difference in the amount of effort (push or pull) that is needed to move a load. Ancient Greek scientist and engineer Archimedes once said “Give me a place to stand on, and with a lever I can move the whole world.” For more information on levers, see the Simple Machines issue of Kids Discover, now available on the iPad.
  • An infotoon describing how the food chain works, at least in the Arctic.
    -Kids Discover Ecology
  • An infotoon describing the food web and how energy is transferred between organisms.
    -Kids Discover Ecology
  • A brief explanation of what those symbols on weather maps mean.
  • We can’t really use the wind until we catch it. And what’s the most popular way to catch the wind’s force? A windmill of course, which can do the work of many people. Inside the mill, a pole begins to spin. It goes all the way down into the mill. There it can do some pretty helpful things: It can turn a big stone wheel to crush grain. It can move a saw up and down to cut logs into lumber. It can pull up water from underground, which can be used to water crops.