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  • Co-authoring: Kela Jurado
    University of Seville
    Date: 2009

  • ESTRATO N.1 is a transdisciplinary installation.

    It suggests a travel in time that immerses to the visitor in 60 sq.m. of a forgotten, lost landscape that 8000 years ago was natural, but has been dramatically transformed into architecture by human beings...

    For more info, please read the interview below.

    Concept + production: Javier Milara + Kela Jurado.

    Music by
  • Javier Milara interviewed by Marta √Āngela Morera Matos 
    University of Seville, 21 grados)

    What is Wewearbuildings? Who's up? 

    Wewearbuildings develop experimental design projects. I work with different partners under this label, depending on each work. For instance, Estrato N.1 is an installation constructed with my friend Kela Jurado, but whose production involved more than 8 people. 
    Incidentally, the name of Wewearbuildings refers to one of my principal interests: the relationship between the physical/tangible, and the imaginary, I have a tendency to move within the limits of both.

    We see that you have a very multi-faceted career, how you define it? 

    Good question, I do not know, I suppose that as a person, that's enough. I'm kind of addicted to discovering new paths, enjoy playing, transforming our sight, and pursuing the zeitgeist. 

    Could you briefly define Estrato N.1? 

    Estrato N.1 is an holistic installation. Our prime objective is to provoke a meditation through beauty. Maybe a deep reflection on the concept of landscape, about how the humans are transforming it as we cling to the places. 

    The project provokes an immersive experience, what is intended to convey to the public?

    I define it as an immersive installation because it is designed to feel the space, a space activated, sends us intense sensory stimuli. The architecture has tremendous potential phenomenological. 

    The recovery of an original state of reality contrasts sharply with the current state, what instruments are used to transport the visitor to this state? 

    It is obviously fiction. The installation consists of a tangible object that represents a sort of dream or spirit of the landscape that was already gone, and we bring back to life through an audiovisual invocation, a sort of contemporary ritual...

    How does the space in the development of Estrato N.1? 

    As mentioned before, Estrato N.1 is an activated space, phenomenological, and hopefully inspiring. Space is everything around us, and the way we feel it is always inside our minds. 

    You define your project as a sensory experience, what seeks to provoke feelings? 

    For me it is a kind of poetry developed in a concrete space. On the other hand, the sensations are all subjective and each person perceives them differently, so I do not seek to cause anything in particular. I just try to share my works as open and unfinished processes. Everyone could complete them in his own way.