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    A Concept Lamp
Drip Lamp
Fabio Servolo


It’s the small things that make all the difference.

Drip is a table lamp that looks like and works like a tap. If fact to turn it on, you "turn on" the tap, rather than switching it on like usual. This action embodies the meaning of Drip.
This makes a "short circuit" between two different everyday acitons, turning on a tap and switching on a light; it triggers the feeling of flowing energy, inthis case electricity, which is used up. Trying to understand the flow of water is certainly easier to measure than electricity. This "shift" aims at changing our perception of this concept.
No one would ever leave a tap on for hours. However, it often happens that we leave a light on for a long period of time, even when it’s not entirely necessary, like going from one room to another. It’s necessary to raise people’s awareness about wasting energy at home as it’s something which could be easily avoided.
Construction features

Drip was mostly made using salvaged industrial materials. Each part is entirely recyclable. A LED diode functions as the light, which is more efficient compared to a typical incandescent or halogen lamp and contains no mercury. The light appears cleaner as it doesn’t contain IR or UV components. The LED system doesn’t operate on ‘on/off’ cycles making it more efficient over time.

Project choices

The on switch/knob is adjustable. The LED light is cold in tone giving it the feel of water. All of the metal parts have been varnished with a stainless steelvarnish, to give it a smooth finish. The plexiglass "drop" is a matt allowing the LED light to diffuse better.