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Drake Hotel Dining Roadshow - Summer School

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  • During the summer of 2011, The Drake Hotel became Drake Summer School, a building-wide campaign pulling from 70's and 80's high school themes. As a part of this campaign, the dining room was branded as the Dining Hall and served cafeteria favourites with a twist like chocolate Jell-o, a foot-long veal cheese hotdog and juice boxes with booze injected into them.

    Going with the high school branding, I created a menu design that was made to look like a student's workbook. It was presented as bad photocopies of worksheets and textbook pages stuffed into a duotang or cahier folder. The illustrations and captions provided humorous science references. Along with the menu was an order sheet styled after an exam punch card.
  • The fine print at the top of the card reads: Please shade in the appropriate oval. DO NOT shade outside the oval. DO NOT use textbooks or calculators.
  • Thomas Young's famous Double Slit Experiment as applied to an Iceberg + Blue Cheese Salad.
  • The side dish nutritional chart.
  • Fault lines in a lobster roll.
  • Once the pages were designed, they were printed then photocopied (badly) multiple times, mimicking the sheets my teachers would use year after year.
  • Henri Becquerel - discoverer of radioactivity and inventor of Chocolate Jello.