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Don't Panic - Value

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  • I wanted to create something playful and light-hearted for the brief. I found a quote by Arthur C Clarke (2001 Space Odyssey) "it has yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival value." I began experimenting with ideas surrounding the quote and it reminded me of a television program I watched some time ago about pandas and how they are such useless animals. 
    Some panda facts -Pandas give birth to twins 45% of the time but can only look after one, the other always dies.A panda will often not recognize it's own young and kill it after it’s born.Pandas only eat bamboo but can't digest it properly; they have to spend 16 hours a day eating it to gain any nutrition.Pandas rarely find mates they like making breeding uncommon.They cannot defend themselves; their only defence is there black and white colours as a deterrent.It’s amazing that these animals have lasted as long as they have. I thought I'd just make a range of light-hearted illustrated posters taking a unusual stance of these endangered animal generally being lazy, indecisive, useless, picky animals, simple as that.