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Discover Design

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    Inspired by the Words of Paul Rand

    "Graphic Design is essentially about visual relationships, providing
    meaning to a mass
    of unrelated needs, ideas, words, and pictures. It
    is the designer's job to select and fit this
    material together and make
    it interesting. The reason apparently unrelated things become
    esting when we start fitting them together.. is that the mind's
    characteristic employ
    ment is the discovery of meaning, The
    Discovery of Design.



    Braille is quite possibly the most unrelated thing to Graphic Design. The blind
    can not see, so why would Graphic Design be relevant then? I took upon the chall-
    enge of using braille (translates bits of Rand's Passage), "an unrelated idea," and
    relate it to Graphic Design in order to "make it interesting" as Paul Rand puts it.
    The complimentary-colored circles are used to symbolize a Venn Diagram, essent-
    ially taking two unrelated things (Braille and Design) and "fitting them together"
    as he puts it. Which is why, in the middle you have the relationship:
    to Discover Design.

  • Braille translation of Paul Rand's passage from A Designer's Art
  • Excerpt from Paul Rand's A Designer's Art
  • All Braille was hand embossed
  • Photo Credit: Dru Phillips (