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  • Diploma project 2.

    My license work is based on a previous project made from paper, titled "Book object": "Making a book based on an object or more subjects. The conventional concept of the relationship between text-image can be extended eventually to its renunciation by the conceptual plan and visual language approach. "
    Here I tried to combine sculpture with graphics, because I have three-dimensional objects.

    As in a book, I put signs in - information which the viewer can "read". Reading in the way of circles becomes infinite. I wanted to emphasize the opposition between: up - down, easy - difficult, circle - square, theory - practice. I wanted to suggest the opposition through the objects material. On top, the paper is foating. On the bottom, one that is harder to suggest by the letters of the typewriter.

    Based on the idea above, I tried to present an approach to the relationship between form and content.

    The work has three elements:

    Everything is beautiful in our face, either in nature or in artistic creation, is presented with something first model in a certain way. The form is in the paper with letters engraved on plates of iron. These letters do not form words with meaning, because at this stage we still cannot talk about the idea, which is born only with the content.

    That is modeled by means of form, while the concept of complementary shape is "material". Content is currently work of copies made on paper, with iron plates.                          

    The need is in fact a form of interiority chaotic organization need a unitary vision. The object of book  means the paper and its "ingredients" (content and form). From the constellation of content and form appears the book, which is actually the form of content.

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    Acid bath
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    Preparing the iron plates for printing
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    The prints