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Digital Artist Magazine Commission

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  • Digital Artist Commission.
    Using Brush Textures in Illustrator.
  • This tutorial focuses on applying several brush textures to an illustration. Using simple brush techniques it encourages the reader to create texture and depth in their images.
  • Initial Ideas and Sketch.
  • With any illustration work my first port of call is my sketchbook, a blank piece of paper, or a post it note - basically anything I can draw on. I start sketching and writing down ideas about what my illustration will be about and how it might take shape. After filling several pieces of paper I select the strongest elements from each sketch and scan them in.
  • Character Breakdown.
  • I start with the Shapes tool to break the cat down into simple, separate shapes. For the body I use the same approach as I did for the head, breaking it down into separate elements again using the Shapes tool and Pen tool when necessary.
  • Adding Colour.
  • I approach the umbrella, squid and the fish in the same way using the method above. Once happy with the composition I can start changing the colour of the stroke and the fills to bring the scene to life.
  • Adding Brushstrokes.
  • I replace the smooth magenta lines with textured brush strokes to give the cats character and depth.
  • Adding Texture.
  • Bringing in scans of aged paper, crinkled paper, and using custom patterns or grain effects all help to give the illustration extra texture and depth.
  • Finished Article.
  • Digital Artist Magazine issue 25 available now at WHSmiths, Tesco/Supermarkets and all leading Newsagents!