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Design With Purpose Playing Cards

  • 912
  • 53
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  • I organised this project to help raise money for Forest and Bird.
    ALL PROFITS GO TO FOREST AND BIRD.The entire project was organised via Facebook and it was really
     great to see so many people getting behind this cause.

    Forest and Bird was originally established with the goal to protect New Zealand native forests and birds. Since then
    their role has grown to include protection of all native flora and fauna on land and in our oceans, lakes and rivers.
  • Forest and Bird Playing Cards / $25.00
    Wee test of the packaging.
  • Kings:
    Hearts - David Thoresen
    Diamonds - Adam Evans
    Spades - Nic Brady,
    Clubs - Ceapum Kaushish
  • Queens:
    Hearts - Jacqui Stuart
    Diamonds - Adrian Campbelle
    Spades - Ash Jamison
    Clubs - Rebecca Sandlant
  • Jacks:
    Hearts - Makyla Curtis
    Diamonds - Whitney Tangaroa
    Spades - Kheng Khai Koh
    Clubs - Victoria Morgan
  • Tens:
    Hearts - Lotte Schwerdtfeger
    Diamonds - Belinda Stuart
    Spades - Danielle Osikai
    Clubs - Bianca Hoddle
  • Nines:
    Hearts - Sassy Park
    Diamonds - Kate Baxter
    Spades - Pat Monaghan
    Clubs - Ralfus Melandra
  • Eights:
    Hearts - Otto Schwerdtfeger
    Diamonds - Kieran Boyce
    Spades - Carley Soda
    Clubs - Nathan Ram
  • Sevens:
    Hearts - Micha Sterling Livesay
    Diamonds - Brad Tipper
    Spades - Ben Hopkinson
    Clubs - Kenny Chick
  • Sixes:
    Hearts - Stefanie McKnight
    Diamonds - Felicity McQueen
    Spades - Eli Lamont
    Clubs - Anne Kingsford
  • Fives:
    Hearts - Troy Peter James Naumoff
    Diamonds - Jacqui Stuart
    Spades - Matt Crisp
    Clubs - Sassy Park
  • Fours:
    Hearts - Amanda Clarke
    Diamonds - Anant Ahuja
    Spades - Lance Hausman
    Clubs - Ryan Molan
  • Threes:
    Hearts - Rhain Jeffes
    Diamonds - Keri Rimene
    Spades - Forbes Stuart
    Clubs - Zak Wells
  • Twos:
    Hearts - Hayley Amos
    Diamonds - Ben Munro
    Spades - Rowan Alexander
    Clubs - Dylan Mclaughlin
  • Aces:
    Hearts - Aika Setiawati
    Diamonds - Graham Frost
    Spades - Jackie Green
    Clubs - Jacqui Stuart
  • Jokers:
    Left - Danielle Osikai
    Right - Eli Lamont
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    A special thanks to all the people that took part:

    Aika Setiawati, Hayley Amos, Rhain Jeffes, Amanda Clarke, Troy Peter James Naumoff, Stefanie McKnight,
    Micah Sterling Livesay, Otto Schwerdtfeger, Sassy Park, Lotte Schwerdtfeger, Makyla Curtis, David Thoresen,
    Graham Frost, Ben Munro, Keri Rimene, Anant Ahuja, Lauren Flintoff, Felicity McQueen, Brad Tipper, Kieran Boyce,
    Kate Baxter, Belinda Stuart, Whitney Tangaroa, Adrian Campbelle, Adam Evans, Jackie Green, Rowan Alexander,
    Forbes Stuart, Lance Hausman, Matt Chrisp, Ben Hopkinson, Carley Starla, Jacqui Stuart, Danielle Osikai, Kheng Khai Koh, Ash Jamison, Lynched Jester, Nic Brady , Zak Wells, Ryan Molan, Sassy Park, Anne Kingsford, Nathan Ram,
    Ralfus Melandra, Bianca Hoddle, Victoria Morgan, Rebecca Sandlant, Ceapum Kaushish,
    Eli Lamont, Danielle Osikai, Kenny Chick and Pat Monaghan.
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