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  • Damned
    Mini-Brand/Photography and Logo Design
  • Ok. You’re probably wondering “what the damn?” This was a school project. I was given two words: gothic and podiatrist. From those two words I had to create a “brand” complete with logo, stationary, photography and a plausible corporate business strategy.

    So, I created a brand for a forensic podiatrist. Yes, those exist. Forensic podiatry is a branch of criminal forensics where podiatric doctors use the foot prints left at a crime scene to figure out the size, weight, height and gait of the suspect in a murder. Often times the results gleaned from forensic podiatry are more useful in finding the suspect than fingerprints or DNA evidence. As a result, I created a brand by asking the question “if Batman were a forensic podiatrist and not some masked crusader, what would his company look like?” Why Batman? He’s pretty gothic, don’t you think? I know Bruce Wayne probably doesn’t listen to Nine Inch Nails but hey, maybe in his off camera unguarded moments he puts Trent Reznor on the old phonograph and mellows to some industrial goth metal. Or not.

    Regardless, Damned is what I came up with complete with photography, a logo, stationary and creepiness. Enjoy.
    And yes, that is me in the mask and underwear.

    Art Direction/Design: Jorge Gonzalez
    Photography: Mike Haftel