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Daily Muses

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  • Daily muses
  • Daily muse is a social platform where you share and muse various topics. 
    I was asked by the co founder to redesign the current website and also make it more easier for users to streamline and browse trending topics. I also help them to redesign the iPhone app as well as try to give my try for the logo branding
    Working with them in about a month to define a better layout, workflow and experience.
    The design process include briefing, skething, wireframings, discussions, revisions until the excution to create final mockups. The pages I designed including the home/ dashboard page, topic page, profile page and some window when user try to muse or post comments & topics.
  • Logo
    This is the logo I propose for the brand of the app. I try to make it simple as possible. Combining typeface and a symbol. This can be done better of course, but since the time is pretty tight so this is the result. If you have thoughts no how this should be better feel free to comment at the bottom of this project!
  • Web app
    This is the main task of this project. To design it's core product which is the web app it self. Each mockup represent different state like. As you can see on some screens there are a state where user  hover on each muse. Also each muse intentionaly have different type of post, from words, pictures and video. You can also see on the revision that I include a remused post and quoted muse.
  • Threads page
  • Thread single
  • Profile page
  • Revised version
    On every project, revision is always there which also happen on this project. Every iterations and revisions are aim to have better solution and more effective way to solve the current problem. Below are some revisions results for each page above.
  • Make the home as a single column and change the appearance of the left sidebar and each muse/ post
  • Muse/topic page
  • Profile page revision.
    Removed some stats on the profile
  • Details & alternatives
    Below are some more closer look so you can see the details on the page including an laternative to placeing some elements like user avatar & action button on each muse/ post.
  • Iconography
  • iPhone app

    This project is one of complex project I ever take because it is very wide range from logo brand, web app and iPhone app. Below are the screenshot of the iPhone app I design. You can see some details I crafted on each element.
  • I was really enjoy workig on this project. Eventough it was not implemented yet (small part of the design already implemented) because I think they're still trying to make this work & get more users I hope this will be useful someday and you enjoy the process.
    You can visit the site here ––––>