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     -Branding, Website & Art Direction.
  • Diseño Punto MX is the international Architecture, Digital Arts & Design symposium organized by the Tec de Monterrey, one of the most influential universities in Latin America. For 2012, the organizers approached Singular to do a complete reboot on previous editions: From a re imagining of the DPMX brand to the conceptualization and implementation of what would become its third event. The results: Diseño Punto MX presenta: UNO.

    DPMX: UNO represents the neverending search for real unity in every step we take. Unity in Design, never forgetting the human aspect of our profession. Unity in Nature, rethinking our labor as an integral part of the cosmos and not being arbitrary. Unity in Being, always respecting others work and being conscious that, united, we stand invincible.

    The project includes collaborations with graphic artists Vltranegro, Violeta Hernández & Aviv Design and the creation of various print and digital media.
  • The Diseño Punto MX logo was reworked from the ground up. The wordmark was created to be easily accessible while having a distinct look.
  • The DPMX: UNO poster series. Artwork by Vltranegro, Violeta Hernández & Aviv Design.
  • Wordmark & Monogram used in mailing. A grayscale palette was selected for the iD development, as it is a cost-effective, simple & concise.
  • An online presskit was developed to showcase the event to sponsors & possible speakers. You can see it here.
  • The DPMX Flipbooks. Monochromatic simplicity.
  • Pre-campaign posters launched to introduce the new identity and announce DPMX's 2012 edition.
  • QR code activation content. The 3 neon palettes are referential to the three main topics addressed by the symposium: Unity in Design, Nature & Being.
  • DPMX teaser webpage. We begin to see the use of Sacred Geometry elements in the design.
  • Campaign video developed for the launch of UNO. It narrates the story of a lively dot that ultimately evolves into the Flower of Life.
  • The DPMX: UNO brand. Taking cue from the unique "O" in the Diseño Punto MX wordmark, the logo is clean and understated.
  • For the print campaign, we asked graphic artists Aviv, Violeta Hernández & Vltranegro to give their take on one of the 3 main axioms of UNO.
  • Unity in Design as interpreted by Aviv Studio, a geometrical 3D Tour de Force.
  • Poster editorial detail. The use of bars as text background is seen throughout the whole identity.
  • For Unity in Nature, graphic artist Violeta Hernández created a lush setting as the backdrop for her iconic character.
  • The use of the color green to designate all nature-related content traces back to the teaser campaign.
  • Illustration detail, honeycombs over vegetation. The vector art is intricate and mesmerizing.
  • Finally, Vltranegro's take on Unity in Being. The distinct art style is a perfect fit to the human aspect of the campaign.
  • A cool, blueish color palette dominates the piece.
  • Unity in Being: Humanity in harmony with nature, the cosmos & within. The final art is vibrant and texture rich.
  • The DPMX: UNO campaign posters. Each has a distinct look and feel but blend together seamlessly.
  • The posters double as flyers, which contain general information on Diseño Punto MX.
  • You can find the UNO manifesto published as part of the communication used on the foldout.
  • To avoid higher printing costs, the program was developed in monochrome black.
  • An ATL campaign was launched to promote the event, which included the use of magazine ads & billboards.
  • The DPMX T-shirts, Unity in Being artwork.
  • A number of electronic flyers were created in order to promote various DPMX events. Unity in Nature artwork used as animated GIF.
  • The Diseño Punto MX website is the neuralgic center of all things DPMX. The jet-black layout is contrasted with the use of vibrant, auxiliary colors.
  • The site includes a news section, speaker roster, costs and general information. The boxes-as-text-background formula is repeated throughout.
  • The DPMX section consists of information on the symposium's previous editions. Special thanks to Neux for the site's coding.
  • UNO monogram over auxiliary colors. No better way to summarize the DPMX style: Streamlined and to the point.