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Crustaceans vol. 2, Shrimp

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     continues to share his fondness for and fascination with crustaceans vis รก vis corporate concerns.

  • 0.125-30 cm long
  • Shrimp (shrimpe or, from the Middle-High German, shrimpfen (1))
  • Shrimp, are decapod crustaceans of the Caridea infraorder, a.k.a. bottom-feeders.(2) Notwithstanding their blue-collar occupation these bottom-feeders have captured the esteem of a more privileged class.
          The Shrimp Girl (c. 1740)(3) features prominently among the permanent collection of London's National Gallery. The painting depicts a woman selling shellfish on the streets of London, the shrimp nested in her wide-brimmed hat.
          In 1969, the portrait was commemorated on a Yemen Arab Republic postage stamp. The shrimp's position in the social order steadily advanced, as did its celebrity.(4)

    Schrimpfen's gutter to glamor story teaches us an important lesson about advancement in the workplace where such protracted rewards are fodder for much complaint and in turn little profit. In contrast, the forbearing shrimp eventually found patronage and infamy. It follows that the patient worker will soon enough advance from mail room to boardroom, and with credit to his humble beginnings.


  • 1. Meaning to contract or wrinkle

    2. Nutritional value per 85 g
    Carbohydrates 0 g
    Sugars 0 g
    Dietary fibre 0g

    Fat 1 gsaturated 0.1
    trans fat 0
    Protein 18 g

    Vitamin A 191IU (4%)
    Vitamin C 1.9mg (3%)
    Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol) 1.2mg (6%)
    Vitamin K 0.0mcg (0%)
    Thiamin 0.0mg (2%)
    Niacin 2.2mg (11%)
    Vitamin B6 0.1mg (5%)
    Folate 3.4mcg (1%)
    Vitamin B12 1.3mcg (21%)
    Pantothenic Acid 0.3mg (3%)



    Tate Publishing

    , pp.126127. ISBN 10 1-85437-662-4.


    4. Worth a nod is the shrimp's brief flirtation with Hollywood. Shrimps for a Day (1934) is an Our Gang comedic short film, that features shrimp prominently alongside the Our Gang cast.

  • Become an advocate and support shrimp and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation today