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  • Colours of Newcastle is an visualisation project that uses colour as a mechanism to interpret physical spaces differently. The brief asked our team to capture as much information as possible from a designated 200m² area of Newcastle, and present the findings in an interesting way.
    If our primitive sense of vision was reduced to simply seeing colour, how might we interpret our urban environments differently? What could colours tell us about the areas we live in when isolated from shape and detail?
    As a team we decided against showing raw facts and figures about our area, because we also wanted to present something that could become an emotionally engaging experience for others. Using a range of cameras and sound equipment we captured a live journey through our area of Newcastle in various digital formats.
    A script was written in Processing to take recorded camera frames from our journey and convert each one into an average colour, resulting in a single 6-digit HEX value output. These colour frames were then organised into a sequential grid sequence that accurately documented what colours we captured first-hand. 
    Using these average colours we designed a 1-mile long website, the exact length of our real-time journey (0.49 trillion pixels) where you could navigate the colour journey by location and watch the colours pass. The scroll speed of the website was also calculated and implemented to match our average walking speed for an accurate recreation of the experience. By creating a digital replica of the journey we could allow users to navigate through real spaces the way we intended, through an entirely different lens.
    Creative Direction & Design: Husam Elfaki, Jack Merrell.
    Design: Steve Paul Myers, Joseph Coulam.
  • The website will be updated and back online soon. For more details, visit the project page here:
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