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China twenty-four solar term is the most beautiful illu

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  • 種田無定例,全靠看節氣,立春陽氣轉,雨水沿河邊。
    Non farming Ordinance, depend on to see solar term, the spring Yang, rain along the river.
    Jingzhe crow call, the drip dry. Qingming busy millet, Guyu field.
    We goose feather, Xiaoman sparrow to the summer solstice, in everybody happy, not cotton.
    It is not hot, the heat in the dog days of summer. Liqiu Chushu busy playing pad, knife sickle.
    The fast territory, no raw autumnal equinox. Cold dew not cold, frost changed days.
    Xiaohan busy comprador, it must have the Spring Festival.
  • 冬至(22 節氣)Dec.21 ,22 或23
  • 小寒 cold (twenty-third solar term) of small Jan.5, 6 or 7
  • It is cold (24 solar term) you just 20 or 2 January
  • Light snow small snowflakes (20 November 22nd or 23 solar term)
  • 立冬  the Beginning of Winter (19th solar term)Nov.7 or 8
  • The great snow snow (21 solar term) in December 6, 7 or 8
  • 立秋  the Beginning of Autumn (13th solar term)Aug.7,8 or 9
  • 处暑  the End of Heat (14th solar term)Aug.22,23 or 24
  •  白露  White Dew (15th solar term)Sep.7,8 or 9
  • The autumnal equinox (Sixteenth solar term) in September 22nd, 23 or 24
  • 寒露  Cold Dew (17th solar term)Oct.8 or 9
  • 霜降  Frost\'s Descent (18th solar term)Oct.23 or 24
  • 立夏  the Beginning of Summer (7th solar term)May 5,6 or 7
  •  糧食小滿小豐滿(第八個節氣)月20,21或22
  •   芒种  Grain in Beard (9th solar term)Jun.5,6 or 7
  • 夏至  the Summer Solstice (10th solar term)Jun.21 or 22
    小暑  Lesser Heat (11th solar term)Jul.6,7 or 8
  • 大暑  Greater Heat (12th solar term)Jul.22,23 or 24
  • 立春  the Beginning of Spring (1st solar term)Feb.3,4, or 5
  • 清明  Pure Brightness (5th solar term)Apr.4,5 or 6

  • Soon after the waking of insects (3 solar term) Mar.5, 6 or 7       
  • 春分  the Spring Equinox (4th solar term)Mar.20,21 or 22
  •  雨水  Rain Water (2nd solar term)Feb.18,19 or 20
  •  谷雨  Grain Rain (6th solar term)Apr.19,20 or 21    
  • 春雨惊春清谷天,夏满芒夏暑相连,
    The rain was spring cleaning day, Xia manwang summer,
    Autumn dew autumn frost, snow snow winter chill