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Character Redesigns (2011)

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  • Jonathan Vair Duncan
    Character Redesigns
  • I created this portfolio to show one my favourite parts of my job. I'm often given cartoon characters as a reference and tasked with the job of adding realism, grit, and more emotion. Since no one artist has the same experience, clients choose me if they want their characters portrayed in a darker and more somber lighting.

    You'll find the reference on the left, and my work on the right. 

    While I am the creator and co-owner of the work on the right, the examples on the left are property of their respective artists/clients. 
  • Character/Art: Gareth Brascombe
  • Character/Art: Akane
  • Character/Art: Connor Etges
  • Art: Kaninbleu/Anthropomorphoholic; Character: Anthropomorphoholic
  • Art/Character: Cisqur
  • Art/Character: Vetreneimoroz
  • Character: GrowlingMadGulo; Art: Sabertoothedermine
  • Still from The Scarlet Letter (1926)  property of Turner Television Network
  • Character: Ironcrux; Art: TJ Lux
  • Character: killerbunnys; Art: n
  • Character: Shenro; Art: Strype
  • Character/Art: Silvergrin
  • Character/Art: Tanukisan
  • Character/Art: Adam Law
  • Character/Art: Vetreneimoroz
  • Character/Art: TheWanderingAngel
  • Character: Weazel; Art: sperrysperry
  • Character: Icono; Art: VonTalen