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Casual Boat

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  • Inflatable, collapsible, transportable
  • This three-weeked project have very clear goal stated in the brief: to design a light vessel up to five meters length. The main point of our work was to concentrate attention of the target groups that were not spreaded by producers before. For example, a lot of kayaks and kanoes produced have very strong sport styling; boats for fishing have too much utility in its outlook.
  • Water leisure is usually associated with three things. 
    It is gorgerous and expensive luxury boats:
  • It is warm sand, blue sky, seashore and a laugh of beautiful people:
  • Or it is a speed, energy and adrenalin of water sports:
  • It's all great, but what about calm and casual recreation on water?
  • That is why our idea was born - a casual boat, like a casual outwear. We have thought a lot about boat transportation problem, and you know, these boats that have hard bottom are extremely untrasportable. Inflatable boats with soft bottom are unsafe on the water. However, we start to develop the idea of inflatable boat that is collapsed to a back pack.
  • Concept development and sketching:
  • Designing the mechanical part with different types of connections, hinges and locks:
  • Collapsible central part made of plastic composite with side parts (hull supports), bench parts, fore
    and back parts:

  • Collapsible mast and mainsail car design. Car goes in the guide located in the transom:
  • 1:2 mock-up of the central part:
  • Mast 1:2 cardboard mock-up:
  • Mainsail sheet car design - 1:1 mock-up:
  • Styling revision according to the changes made:
  • 1:1 cardboard hull mock-up:
  • 1:1 scale backpack mock-up:
  • Evolution of backpack design (fron left to right): first mock-up 1:1, revisioned design mk. I and revisioned design mk. II.
  • Dimensions according to the human body:
  • Sail shape development:
  • For student exhibition high-quality mock-up was made:
  • This mock-up with explanation movie and board was exhibited at BHSAD annual student exhibition (Moscow) and Design Exhibition (Yekaterinburg):
  • BHSAD Product Design course leader Dr. Umberto Giraudo welcomed Karim Rashid to the BHSAD space in Yekaterinburg and Mr. Rashid was quite impressed by the concept of inflatable casual leisure. :)
  • Backpack final design:
    *inflatable rubber parts shown with white, plastic composite parts shown with yellow:
  • Boat final design:
    *inflatable rubber parts shown with white, plastic composite parts shown with yellow:
  • Movie that explains physics of the concept:
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