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  • Capsul8
    Automatic Algin Spherizer
  • Algin spheres are what you get when you drip liquid foods mixed with sodium alginate into a bath of calcium chloride. The spheres resemble caviar, with a thin gelatinous skin encapsulating a liquid center. The Capsul8 makes spherizing as easy as brewing coffee.
  • The old way
    • Use a syringe to drop solution of food and alginate into a calcium chloride bath. The alginate turns into a gel wall around each drop.
    • Be careful to dispense the same amount of alginate solution in each drop or the spheres will not be uniformly sized.
    • Repeat the process over and over until you have enough spheres of the right size and shape.
  • The Capsul8 way
    • A tall tower ensures droplets have time to form spheres before dropping into the calcium bath.
    • Electromechanical solenoid valves ensure absolutely consistently sized spheres.
  • The Braun Capsul8 Automatic Algin Spherizer turns ordinary liquid foods into extraordinary gastronomic creations such as,

    • Carrot caviar tapas
    • Pale ale spheres and goat cheese atop bruschetta.
    • Balsamic tomato caviar on mozzarella foam “Caprese”
    • Olive puree-filled “Olives”