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  • Lettering Tornado Fuel logo
    Fuel for winners
  • Tornado supplies a wide range of quality products for modelling. The products are manufactured in highly specialized facilities in the Netherlands. A world-wide distribution enables the world’s best drivers, pilots and modelling fans to amazing performances. Own research and development facilities turn innovative ideas in reliable products and a well organized distribution network ensures world-wide availability.
  • The Tornado Fuel brand is over 35 years old and has a very good reputation in the field. Known for their eye-catching 'red can' the client felt is was time to upgrade their brand identity. The project scope was to upgrade their A-brand Tornado Fuel and position the new lower-priced Glow on Tornado's old position.

    Respectful upgrade

    Tornado's corporate font is Serif Gothic Black by Herb Lubalin and Tony DeSpigna in 1972. The Tornado brand has not been really changed since the company was founded in the mid 70s. Clearly Serif Gothic was a modern font at the time, and it has earned them a solid reputation over the time, but the client realized it was time for a major upgrade.


    Commissioned by Stoere Binken Design I did a careful but very effective overhaul of the logo, as used on all the packaging. The small serifs were removed, counter forms opened up, proportions optimized, glyphs were unified to balance the logo and many more subtile changes have been made. I polished out the good side of the typeface and juvinated it. All with respect to this 35 year old logo.
  • Dynamic italic

    Since the original font had no italic version, the roman was used on the packaging. This made the overall appearance quite static. I descided to make a special italic version of the logo that would appear even more dynamic on the packaging. I slanted the redesigned logo and corrected the round forms so that it did't look like a amateuristic mechanically slanted roman.

    The result

    The result is just stunning. I changed the details so carefully and retained the original soul of the logo, so the appearance on the metallic red fuel cans is plain eye-candy.
  • Copyright design: Stoere Binken Design
  • Featured on Behance

    The Tornado redesign is also featured on Behance.
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