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COMMUNITY RE-VISIONING - Canary Wharf on the Fraser

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  • Canary Wharf on the Fraser
    Re-Visioning the Riverside shared by New Westminster & Surrey

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    Bascule Bridges: Taking Advantage of the Patullo Bridge Replacement Project, we propose to leverage the economies and river positioning of the Twin Cities, with a redesign of the combined waterfront. 

    We propose to completely redesign the Fraser River crossings, using Bascule (Pivoting Lift) Bridges that carry crossing-appropriate road, rail, and LRT traffic combinations.

    Riverside Economic Zone converts city borders into hub for designed growth.


    · Faster arterial and local waterfront transits between the Twin Cities will spark joint economic redevelopment;
    · Riverside LRT Loop speeds commercial and residential development by creating a joint live/work/play community; and
    · Riverside becomes a strong central anchor for new regional development.


    THE RARE OPPORTUNITY to completely revisit the river crossing road network.

    A SIGNIFICANT OPPORTUNITY to simultaneously revitalize brownsites of New Westminster, Queensborough, and Surrey.

    Patullo Bridge at left, and the Southern Railway of BC bridge at right.

    Looking north to New Westminister's constrained approaches--with a dangerous curve and ramps, through a mixed commercial/industrial and residential area--at the top of a cliff.



    Re-thinking The Approaches creates opportunities  for higher density residential, commercial, and industrial use; in turn, attracting:

    • $Billions in real estate development;
    • Rezoning, planning, and development fees for land and water lots;
    • New and continuing employment opportunities for area residents;
    • Traffic calming and higher property valuations for old approaches;
    • High density populations that increase Translink riderships;
    • More ridership leverages existing intermodal transit services; and
    • Population concentrations enable development of a LRT loop connecting both shores.


    We split the traffic--now focused on the old Patullo Bridge crossing's inefficient approaches--into two efficient crossings:

    • Braid-Surrey Connector (Express Highway Bridge to Gateway Express Road): an elevated highway from Kingsway & Brunette Avenue in New West to Surrey’s new Gateway express road route, replacing the Patullo Bridge; 
    • Queensborough Bridge could be twinned—4 lanes in each direction;
    • Connector enables construction of a side-crossing to New Westminster's 12th Ave and Royal Ave at Stewardson Way if the Ewan Ave. railway swing-bridge Right of Way is transferred to the Crown;
    • Kingsway/King George traffic gets redirected to a high-speed zone in a smaller residential area (in New Westminster, preferably with tunnels) and Surrey's Fraser River industrial area; and
    • The old Kingsway-Patullo route obtains traffic calming regimes.

    • S.Fraser-Kingsway Connector (Regional Bridge to Highway 91 connector): From Kingsway & Griffiths in Burnaby/New West to 120th/S.Fraser in Surrey.
    • Conceivably, a cut-and-cover or bored tunnel could connect Griffiths to the Queensborough Bridge.
  • Redirecting traffic increases project value if New Westminster's Front Street railway lands are leased, traded, or sold to the CrownThis is accomplished by offering Southern Railway of British Columbia a looping rail route, sending traffic through North Surrey’s industrial area away from the river, using the proposed rail, road and LRT bascule bridge combinations.

    A: Phase1 (Express Connectors)
    1– Initiate: Negotiations for possible transfer of New Westminster Railway Lands to public agencies
    2– Build: Braid-Surrey Connector (Road/Rail/LRT-capable) [Bridge replacing Patullo Bridge—Patullo demolished]
    3– Build: Fraser-Kingsway Connector (Road/Rail/LRT-capable) [Bridge to Queensborough Bridge]
    3– Build: Griffiths/Queensborough Approaches (Tunnel Re-Routing from Southridge to Stewardson Way)
    4– Build: Queensborough Bridge Twin Span (Road)

    B: Phase2 (Riverside Mixed Use)
    1– Finalize: New Westminster Railway Lands transferred to public agencies
    (one landscaped and disguised track retained in situ for emergency bypass in the event of a crossing closure)
    2– Build: Re-routing of Southern Railway of BC to south shore
    3– Build: Patullo Boulevard Bridge (local traffic/LRT)
    4– Build: Local developments, roadways and LRT trackage

    C: Phase3 (Implement LRT)
    1– Build: LRT Riverside Stations
    2– Open: LRT Riverside System
    3– Start: Planning for LRT extensions on north shore to Marpole Loop
    3– Start: Planning for LRT extensions to Richmond and Ladner