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COMMA Art City Festival 2012

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  • Comma Art City Festival 2012

  • Comma is an urban art festival, a cultural event structured on wishes, issues and reflections arranged in order to offer an engaging but not shallow schedule, interesting but not academic. Before plunging in the analysis of the events that compose the whole it’s worth investigating the reasons that hold up this structure. Comma springs from the need to communicate. It’s the language chosen to speak to the city and the citizens, residents as transitional ones, to hand down contents and meanings in the most direct way, through the simplest and most practical term of expression: the comma, the silence between two sentences or two words during which, over and above having the time to get a breath, one can understand and metabolize what has been said, getting ready for the following.
    Comma highlights a reality to which people is so accustomed that they don’t perceive it any more, maybe because people are not acquainted to reading urban arts for what they really are. A wall-painting can be misread as a scrawl, a performance as a subversive action. Often the walls are effectively signed by messy, meaningless writings and what could be a performance, in reality is a silly flashing. If one could be able to understand, by feeling it, the quality of the writing or of the action seen, one could build-up a dialogue with it and give it a meaning. Comma moves towards the objective to give people the tools necessary to build this dialogue, to let it grow from the bothered mumbling to an understandable sound consistent with the city and its history; a fair dialogue directed to a constructive end. Comma pursues this objective by setting itself as the milestone of a standing project called Cap2020, that wants to read, understand and redefine the city by drawing new cultural frontiers, going along with the city’s evolution and socio-cultural growth.
    Hello, Savants ! was the curator and participated with the works of three of its members.
    featured artists:
    Andrea Di Cesare, Ephameron, Joe Franceschi (Why Style), Lok Jansen, Morcky, Pane (Why Style), Rocco Pezzella, San, Lennard Schuurmans, Shoe, Zender.
    Photo by: Ominonero