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  • C T I R

  • CTIR stands for Colors Typography Images and Rectangles. CTIR is my personal project on experimenting typefaces characteristics to introduces people on certain typeface with detailed-large-pantone colored type/glyph specially for people who has little awareness on typography as well as colors. Hopefully this work will help raise people's typography and color awareness.
  • Recomposition of Art & Copy by Doug Pray (2005), Baskerville Semibold and PantoneSolid Coated 213 C, 2012
  • Recomposing Michael Alexander’s workspace (2011), Baskerville Semibold Type andPantone Solid Coat Orange 021C, a2012
  • Recomposing Zebaoth’s Cathedral (1920) on Bogor, Andrade Pro Bold Typeface and(#FFFFFF) White, 2012.
  • Recomposition of Bogor’s DEKRANASDA (2008), Bauhaus 93 Typeface and PantoneSolid Coated Cyan 801 C, 2012
  • Recomposition of a Balinese Calendar (210 days), American Typewriter Typeface andPantone Solid Coated Warm Red C, 2012
  • Recomposition of Tisna Sanjaya’s Newest Installation Artwork (February, 17th 2012),TW Cen MT Typeface and Pantone Solid Coated 375 C, 2012
  • Recomposition of Einstein’s Tounge (Arthur Sasse, 1951), Arial Bold Typeface andPantone Solid Coated Hexachrome Orange C, 2012
  • Recomposition of Bogor (1966), Didot Bold Typeface and Pantone Solid 3255 C, 2012
  • Recomposition of Bogor (1987), Andrade Bold Typeface and Pantone Solid Coated812 C, 2012
  • Recomposition of Natalia Rina & Rico Siregar’s Wedding in Indonesia (2010),Geogrotesque Bold Typeface and Pantone Solid Coated 7547 C, 2012
  • Check for more updates on CTIR's tumblr