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Brave New World

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  • Brave New World, written in 1951, is a piece of speculative fiction that is set in the future. In this hypothetical World State, people are genetically designed via scientific engineering and psychological conditioning to become passive and thus useful to the ruling class. This data visualization highlights in great detail the patterns in the use of literary devices and references as well as the dynamics and complexities of character relationships. It is also an exploration of words as a unit of time. It is intended to be experienced as an accompaniment to Huxley's novel.
  • Every single word in the novel has been included so that the viewer may experience the entirety and magnitude of the work in a single image. Each graphic element is layered on top of Huxley's original words to maintain the integrity of his work. This also allows for an accurate comparison of the lengths of the individual chapters.
  • Mentions of soma, a drug that produces pleasure and eliminates discomfort, are indicated with a turquoise circle. A purple 'T' marks every instance that 'Ford' is used as a replacement for 'Lord', symbolizing the State's constant worship of technology. State-sanctioned sayings and proverbs, meant to brainwash citizens into perpetual passivity and happiness, are highlighted in blue, while Shakespearean references, exclusively quoted by a character who has not been similarly conditioned, are highlighted in red. 
  • The specific Shakespearean verse that Huxley refers to is layered on top of his writing, accompanied by an abbreviated title of the relevant play as well as the act and the scene. This allows the viewer to connect instantly with the context of the reference.