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Big Fat Jolly Bag of Holiday Art

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  • A Big Fat Jolly Bag of Holiday Art
  • The holidays are never easy, but they are fun.
  • This special above-the-fold humor article, about the pesky ordinances Santa faces when he delivers presents in Palm Beach, ran on Christmas Eve day, 2009. 
  • Santa flies into town.
  • Unfortunately, Palm Beach International Airport is situated right in the middle of town. Santa can't help but disrupt air traffic.
  • With all the sleigh bells, the neighbors call in a noise complaint. It's the number one late night passtime in Palm Beach.
  •  Santa has to be careful not to trip any silent alarms in very security conscious Palm Beach mansions.
  • Meanwhile, Animal Control has their own ideas about eight tiny reindeer. There is an ordinance against farm animals in Palm Beach.
  • Of course, the ever-present feral cats of Palm Beach find this hilarious.
  • Santa manages to get a temporary special reindeer exception, but is admonished to make sure and clean up after his pets.
  • More Palm Beach Holidays
  • 2007 illustration for the 12 Palm Beach Days of Christmas special holiday feature in the Palm Beach Daily News.
  • Detail, 12 Palm Beach Days of Christmas
  • Detail, 12 Palm Beach Days of Christmas
  • The feral cats of Palm Beach made a 2002 appearance in this Palm Beach Daily News editorial cartoon.
  • It's a little known fact that Santa and Mrs. Claus usually kick back and relax as guests of Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago after Christmas.
  • In 2008, a new reality version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas premiered.
  • After a year, not much had changed.
  • Every other institution we thought we could trust has been a sham. We knew this was coming.
  • Holiday Classics
  • Christmas Cheer: This illustration was used for a Soap Opera Magazine holiday subscription ad that basically said give yourself a gift subscription, you deserve it.
  • A Christmas card illustration for the motivational company Think Big, founded by the Rice brothers, the world's shortest adult twins and self-made millionaires  
  • Personal and business Christmas card art from David Willson's Artmasters, Inc., Litho pencil and ink on stipple textured glossy paper.
  • This unpublished cartoon was done after a particularly frustrating week of gift shopping in department stores.
  • Yes, incentives work for everyone.