Published: is a designer's personal identity. The accent is laid on applying new materials, creative approach to projects, experimenting, mixingvarious design areas and other fields. Due to such a mixture something new, having different essence, unique is created.
Big thanks to photographer Lena Karpilova

It was decided to base on the spontaneity of paint spots as each paint spot is unique. More and more new images are created by overlaying the elements of the logo. This allows to get the endless variety of them. Overlaying spots of paint in a special way allows to create one more image – a pointing to the audience hand focuses on them. The project logo is continued in business cards and letterheads, giving it additional meaning. Here, the logo appears as a sculpture.
Bronze at the International Advertising Festival POPOK 2011
Shortlisted in Design from best 2012 identity

The 2nd edition of Flaunt - UnderConsideration LLC
[Brand] Magazine 4th issue - FuturISM
«Brand and single page design» book