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Anatomical Body Paintings

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  • After the frustration of being shot down from Med Schools for Medical Illustration programs, I decided to try something new, and move forward...
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  • Revealing The Inner Self-
    The first 'real piece of this series, of my lovely girlfriend 'revealing' the DEEP musculature of the back. 
  • Deep Back Dissection-
    The finish shot. Showing the Rhomboid maj/min, Spinalis thoracis, Rotatores longi, Lattisimus dorsi (cut) to reveal the Serratus posteriot, and a Lumbar lamenectomy to reveal the Cauda equina.
    Latex / Sharpie / Acrylic Paint ~ 10 hrs
  • Chest Dissection-
    showing the superficial (right) and deep (left) musculature of the chest. 
    Latex / Sharpie / Acrylic Paint ~ 5 hrs
  • Upper Back Dissection-
    This piece was done to show the superior (left) and intermediate (right) muscle structures of the back.
    Latex / Sharpie / Acrylic Paint ~ 6 hrs
  • Self Promotion-
    I myself am rather humble and quiet, and often shy away from initiating conversation about my work. In an effort to self promote, I decided to try a little experiment... because I have issues about initiating conversation about my work, tried to devise a way that people would come to me, ask, and in my head, give me the ok to talk about the work without feeling cocky or arrogant. So, I painted this little ditty on my hand, and like a moth to a flame, people were drawn, attention was grasped, and heads turned like a medeival torture device. ha. The experiment was a success, and something I now do on occasion from time to time.
  • Upper Chest/ Shoulder Dissection-
    A recent piece painted up on my friend Monique of Oddities Obscura! The piece was done for a costume party initially, but like any plan made in advance, had a slightly different outcome. haha. Instead of going to the costume party (as intended), I ended up getting an opportunity to meet the cast of the show, and introduce the work to a proper target audience. 
    Latex / Sharpie / Acrylic ~ 5 hrs
  • Lateral Leg Dissection-
    A quick piece done on my close friend from HS detailing the lateral musculature of the upper and lower leg. 
    Latex / Sharpie / Acrylic Paint ~ 6 hrs
  • Lateral Neck Dissection-
    Probably my favorite piece of the series (thus far) detailing intermediate musculature of the neck. The Sternoclietomastoid is cut to show the internal jugular and carotid, and pharyngeal musculature.
  • Step By Step-
    A breakdown to show how each piece prgresses from start to finish, showcasing how the piece builds up...
  • "The Ins and Outs of Sex"  - sharpie marker and latex ~ 3 hrs