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Aer Hybrid Electrostatic Air Purifier

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  • The Sharper Image Air Purification Series 3:
    Aer Hybrid

    ​Series 3 Electrostatic AIr Purification

    After nearly ten years and tens of thousands of units and millions in sales for the company, The Sharper Image planned to renew the Ionic Breeze product line to meet the needs of happy customers and critics alike. Trading on the brand's image and reputation the S I Design team was tasked to develop a new generation of product to define the category and set the bar for competitors. ​

    ​Planned: Early 2008 introduction with off-tool product late 2007.

    Sharper Image Design​
  • Ionic Breeze​ Aer Hybrid
    Concept, Industrial Design/Development

    Objective: Develop a new air purification system combining the advances in electrostatic and fan driven technologies.

    Plan: Create an entirely new and different look for the Ionic Breeze Series of products for a top class flagship unit. It should bare little in similarity, but maintain a familiarity to the line of product from nearly ten years prior.

    Concept: With the plan to build the largest unit to-date the need was to design a box that is not a box working to balance the bulk with surface curves to "slenderize" the appearance for a sculptural look that would better fit into a home living environment. The addition of an intuitive smooth electrostatic touch-control surface keeps a clean unit devoid of control clutter keeping the "appliance" look to a minimum.
    Knowing the increased cost of development and production for a hybrid unit, the design needs to economize where possible, but advance in appearance. By building a symmetrical design larger housing components can be used twice instead of building tooling for too many parts and driving up production costs. ​
    The new Hybrid was to set a new CADR standard for its type, competing with larger and more expensive replaceable filter fan-driven units and break the "beige box" look with a design to set comfortably in any home.​