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  • When I first took the role of Creative Director at Adobe one of my missions was to create a unifying, customer-centric brand campaign for the company. It was evident that our messages needed to be unified under an approach that told the story regardless if we were talking at the C, design, or consumer level customers about products or solutions. We needed something that we could brand, something iconic, and –more importantly — something that people could understand and relate to.
    One of the key ingredients missing was the customer.  We have the best, some of the most influential, and by far the most creative customers, so why not leverage their capabilities? They can drive relevance and validation far better then we can.  There’s a lot to be said about credibility and people are passionate about our tools and technologies, why not give them the soapbox.
    The customer-centric campaign is not a new concept, but it is often avoided because it is such an arduous process. There is inevitably lots of red tape around what content can be used, where and when. There are multiple legal teams involved, as well as PR and Sales.  It’s a nasty cluster.  Regardless of the dependencies, we all knew that this was the moment that we had to transition to this as a fulcrum to success of our future efforts.
    Below are the efforts lead by myself, The Adobe Studio Team, Goodby Silverstein & Partners and a lot of other creatives.  These are just a few of some of the thousands of deliverables we created for the launch.
  • Some of my quick sketches on how to connect the & campaign to our designers and CS6.
  • Our Education segment creative.
  • A piece that Marian Bantjes did for the campaign.
  • We rolled the campaign into our touch tooling.

  • This is what we called the "Anthem" piece.  It was the start of our campaign effort and brought all of the business' together under the Adobe brand.
  • Some initial sketches Keith Anderson developed to drive one of our first print ads.  This was highlighting Martha Stewart and her move from print to digital publishing.
  • This was the doc my team did to support the campaign materials.
  • An interactive installation I created with Blitz to support the campaign.
  • Photographer: Tom Naggi –
    He and his team were fantastic.  His eye for detail on product shots, lighting and compositing are next to none in the industry. His high-contrast work, almost like HDMR, is exactly what I wanted for these ads.  He shot with a Hasselblad H4D-200MS.
  • Photographer: Katherine Ledner –
    She was just awesome.  Again using a Hasselblad we got a lot of real richness and contrast out of the shots.  It’s amazing how much less post you have to do when you’re using the right gear.   Cindy sat shotgun on this shoot with me.
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