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  • A world beyond my own.
    Concept art for an alternate future in a distant dream. The UMSC fleet.

  • Isn't it true that our imagination as a child has no limits?  It is true for me. When I was growing up, I spent my days after and during school dreaming up a whole new world of a distant future. That future often revolves around flying machines of varying shapes and sizes. Inspired by what I have seen in the movies, I created  my own stories and acted them out around the house, garden and playground. Well, I was a kid. Now that I am all grown up, I never stop dreaming.   
  • UMSC Scouts Division. Federation scouts often have the most dangerous jobs. Their role as terrain scouts means going out alone in one of these single seater pods and flying as far as the horizon allows them to. With no defensive capabilities, they are exposed and vulnerable most of the time. Despite the dangers, UMSC Federation Scouts see  their role in discovering new lands and terrain as their calling. They are the first to arrive, the first to discover, the first to experience the vastness of our distant world before the fleet arrives.
  • UMSC Gunship. The backbone of the federation. Similar in design to the ARC (Ariel Rescue Chopper), the gunship provides cover and protection for the fleet.