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  • All this work has been stolen by Yann Greault (former owner of the body-art store in St.Tropez)
  • in 2009 i had the possibility to present some of my artwork in the bodyart store in st.tropez france. everything looked fine for me so far. the store was located in a very prominent street (next to the louis vuitton -, in front of the dolce&gabbana store), we had a deal signed on paper and even for the 1st 2 pieces he sold i got the money..

    closing in the end of the season i got a mail, that the store will be back 2 business at the beginning of the next season. so i was waiting for some news in the beginning of summer 2010. nothing happend. when i tried to call, the number didn't exist anymore, the store was closed and the website was gone.. 

    by accident somebody i know foundout another email of the guy yann greault. i contacted him and he always said that he will send me back my work. but even after mailing him every day nothing happend. after august 2010 i never heard anything from him again.. unfortunately he never wrote something about his phonenumber or adress.

    funny that nobody in st tropez wanted to help. i called the store right next to the place where the bodyart store was located. i explained my problem and was just asking if she maybe has an idea what happend.. the only answers i got: "do we look like an informationdesk to you?" *click.. hangup..
    the police never picked up the phone.. we (my girlfriend and me) tried to call them all the time.

    a very close friend of mine who's working as a lawyer tried to figure out something for me, but it seems that this guy yann greaul (to repeat his name!) disappeared..

    maybe somebody of you knows something or saw one of the pieces i gone show below.. i don't think so, but at least i tried...

    thank you for reading this.. 

    kind regards,

    sry 4 my english, i hope you'll get the point...
  • here are 4 of about 20 red balls...
  • and here an example of the skull-like balls..
  • this are pictures made at the day i made the deal with the shop... =(
  • i hope at least that the pieces found a nice place to be...