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2012 卒業制作// TRACE- FORMATION 痕跡 [ Corner ]

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  • TRACE- 

    Seeking the very momory, belonging to the corner of your own life.
  • 感官,是人與世界交流的工具,眼耳鼻舌身意,人以自身作為載體,透過各種刺激與感受,與環境互動,接收各式隱藏於物質中的「痕跡」與「資訊」,

    本作品以痕跡做為「Transformation」的概念呈現,物體歷經氣溫、時間與使用狀況等,以褪色、生鏽及變形等狀態作為語言,記錄物體身在某個生命現場的「曾經」,而那些充滿故事性的曾經,卻因為隱身於生活角落,在生命繁忙腳步中,成為默然無言的「不重要」,但當你停下步伐,回眸餘光瞥見之時,痕 跡,永遠在那以自身的變化,訴說自身今生與前世,那些曾經與不曾。

    ‘Transformation’ indicates a processof information
    exchange occurring when changeshappen to a thing.
    This work uses ‘traces’ to explainthe idea of Transformation.

    When a thing is embedded with timeand the condition of using,
    it would experience changes likefading,rusting, or distorting . The changes are languages telling messages andstories in some time carried by the thing. By visualizing the book, peoplewould stop and look into the messages and stories gave by it.

    The cover was made of memory foamgel, which can memorize the readers’ touch, and leave traces of them, creatingan opening of using this book. Moreover, images in the book are traces ofdaily-life things around us. Those rocks and trees show their uniqueness afterexperiencing the testimony of sunshine and rains. The traces of thesedaily-life things are same while the stories of every human being is definitelydifferent.