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2012 East Love Attack - Lion love attack 吉獅怒吼

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  • 2012 East Love Attack - lion love attack

    Creative motivation
    Living in this cosmopolitan generation, many friends were forced away from home, want to seekany possible career opportunities, expected to pursue a better quality of life and future, but we all live in the flood, we don’t have much choice and opportunities, we in front of the different environment, language, culture, custom, we keepping to adaptin defeat, finally we grow up, become more stronger, but the dream began to compromise with the reality, do you happy ? Ijust want to say: naver forget who we are, even we can't be the perfect, don’t forget the feeling of happiness, don’t lose our initial heart, let’s be a  always fighter....the "Love Attacker".

    活在這個國際化的世代,許多朋友被迫遠離家鄉,尋求事業機會的任何可能,期望追求更好的生活品質與未來,在大環境的洪流中,我們又能有多少選擇,多少機會,面對不同的環境,語言,文化,習慣,我們不斷在挫敗中努力的適應,漸漸的我們成長了,步伐變的紮實了,但夢想也開始妥協了,開心嗎…? 我想說,好兄弟們,別忘了自己是誰,就算無法成為理想者,也別忘了簡單快樂的感覺,別失去了自己最初的感動,當個永遠的愛搏客吧…

    Inspired by traditional Chinese mythology; the beast lion, can dispel evil evil, prosperous fortune.
    Metal-like staunch hair; symbol countenance wealth, head horn, can distinguish between good and evil; symbol of justice, three glaring Quartet; symbol of wisdom and focus, the eyes with tears; symbol of benevolent tolerance, roar like; performance of the exorcism of evil spirits force, the mouth with flame pearl; symbol of the will to pro-infinite love and care.

  • Lion love attack / 吉獅怒吼
    系列作品之3 medium:  black ink , digital canvas print 50.4" x 50.4 "
    If you like Project 2012 East Love Attack, feelfree to explore more on its patent/loyalty with Sean.
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