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2011 Memory Survey

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  • Visual Language project utilizing listing as part of the creative process. We were asked to create a "life index" and bring in some autobiographical source materials. The "Memory Survey" follows the style and concept of geographical publications and technical manuals. Certain memories and the way I expect to regard them in the coming year are presented and diagrammed for the viewer to have an intimate look into my personal narrative of my past.

    Sorry for the small images - they're meant to be viewed as spreads and this is the widest Behance will allow. Larger sizes are viewable here:
  • 5/19/86

    mimi / yang / rojanasakul



    M.D. / Ph.D.

    make your mark

    when you grow up

  • reading into it

    logic / left brain

    righteous indignation / importance of intellectual curiosity

    stretch your arms up! that's how tall you are
  • me


    right brain / feeling

    17-yr-old hopes / triumphs


  • summer / cicadas chirping                                             forgetting

    immortality / we were sure we'd
    never see an end to it all                                               observations mistaken for truisms

    those who dream by day are cognizant
    of many things which escape those
    who dream only by night                                               nothing lasts forever
  • boys will be boys                                                          rural midwest

    country roads / west virginia                                        rural midwest seen from the back of a motorcycle

    tire tracks from 16 year olds' traffic accidents             doing 90 up the interstate
  • claustrophobia (of your known past)                             I35 W

    appalachian suburbia /                                                 agoraphobia
    playground to our boredom

    raw beauty /                                                                 10,000 lakes / in the scheme of things
    the secret to quiet
  • here / now

    south pacific

    photogenic moment

    micron pens

    signal strength
  • flatland

    ah ha moment

    hand cramps

    understandable scale

    migration patterns / immigration politics
  • ivory tower                                                                    art world

    statistical truths                                                            process

    state-centered paradigm                                              chaos

    imagined political borders                                            order
  • small talk

    working for tips / work you leave at the door

    best seats in the house

    casual crushes
  • newly discovered pleasure of reunions

    nothing changes

    nothing stays the same

    memory recall
  • the more you look at the same thing
    the more the meaning goes away